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As a family run business, we hold our values and principles close to heart in every decision we make. We believe that upright integrity and hard work is how a company makes history. We have set out to do the impossible and create a solution for those who would like to start fresh with the freedom to go wherever one desires in a tiny house that is as uniquely beautiful as its owner.

With over a decade of team experience in residential construction, we realized there was something more meaningful in building tiny. So we immersed ourselves in the tiny home movement and despite all its glory, we found there was something lacking. Downsizing to create a more simple and free life is what it’s all about but at what point do you stop compromising your living standards?

We decided to bridge the gap so that downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading. At this point, we realized there was something special so we took it even one step further. Why couldn’t we create a way for someone to downsize and upgrade at the same time?

So, striving to take a creative and fairly new tiny home platform and make it exceptional in all fronts, spurred us on to come up with a way people can take ownership of the simple yet complex thought that “less is more”.

We have set out to do just that.


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We’re always excited to hear from you! If you’re looking to start a project, the best way is to click “Get Your Free Consult” in the upper right-hand corner of any page on this site. For general inquiries, fill out the accompanying. If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of working together on a business collaboration, click here.

Meet The Team

Zach & Hannah Francis

Meet Zach, Hannah, their daughter Saylor Rose and son Wilder Grey. They have the most energy out of the three couples and are always up for a night out on the town with friends and family. Their two kiddos come right along with them and have picked up the enthusiastic “go get em’” life attitude. Zach has been a numbers guy before he could talk and an entrepreneur from an early age. He is passionate about creating a high quality and lasting product that fits within any budget and lifestyle. Hannah appreciates the old ways of living, simple and modest. She loves creating an aesthetic that is personal and bringing visions to life. They are currently remodeling a century old farmhouse while practicing simplicity and living within their means.

Jason & Brianna Francis

Meet Jason and Brianna Francis and their son Leo. Traveling and experiencing different countries and cultures are some of their favorites things to do. They’ve spent extensive time on small sail boats sailing across oceans to remote islands and far away countries. Simplified, meaningful living is in their blood. From an early age, Jason, learned the art of high end building methods and efficient construction processes. His passion is in marketing which keeps him inspired to provide not only a unparalleled product but an unforgettable experience for each of our valued clients. Brianna has a knack for contemporary, well thought out design and loves bringing to life even the smallest of spaces. As homebodies, when not traveling, they truly value the comfort of home, which goes way beyond just a physical place.

Tyson & Michelle Spiess

Meet Michelle, Tyson and their daughter Meritt - plus their second bundle of joy cookin’ in the oven and due late April! Michelle is the eldest of the Francis Siblings and she's not afraid to make that known! Family comes first for them and they love spending time together no matter what the occasion. Tyson is driven by developing innovative designs and manifesting new ways to surpass dreams. Utilizing technology is a passion of his (to say the least) so you’ll often find him optimizing anything he can with the most advanced automation and technologies available. Michelles love for design is evident with everything she puts her hand to. She sees the potential in every space and takes pride in creating a home that’s not only functional but stylish. As a couple, they love brainstorming new ideas that blow away even the wildest dreams!

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We don't share your information with anyone & we'll never send you spam!