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Happy New Year From Tiny Heirloom!

Hello and Happy New Year!

It has been an exciting year here at Tiny Heirloom. Since starting our company in January of last year, we can’t believe how far we’ve come and how we have been blessed by all of your support. We would not be where we are today without you! Recently we were honored to be in Gray Magazine and Country Living Magazine. What a cool opportunity! We have also been on numerous blogs such as Tiny House Swoon and Gizmag, as well as blogs all over the world! As great as this last year has been, we could not be more excited about the upcoming year! We are  about to embark on Tiny Heirlooms biggest project yet. Portland is hosting the upcoming Tiny House Conference and we are planning on unveiling the most high scale and technologically advanced Tiny Heirloom that the world has ever seen! We are starting this amazing project end of January and will be updating you all on the progress. Thank you all again for your support… we couldn’t do it without you!


Tiny Heirloom Team

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  1. Love your show,and the tiny houses you all build are beautiful.Nice to see familys working together.Great job you guys do with the building,and your wives do amazing work with the designing.Love seeing the babies when you have them on with you.Beautiful family!!

  2. I love this show of Tiny Homes taken to the next level, and budgets are incredibly possible. Love the whole family, ya’ll are so personable. Can’t wait to see more!!!

  3. Love the homes you build. Would love a victorian home as large as I can pull.I watch a lot of homes and yours are the best I can understand some would not spend much on a home. This is your home get the best you can to be as comfortable.

  4. You guys ROCK the tiny house nation. I cannot wait to retire in one of your beautiful homes in 2017, I live on Long Island ,and am currently looking fr a lot off L.I. Love your talent and show!!

  5. My husband just found your show thumbing through channels… needless to say we are now binge watching lol.

    Just wanted to say we love what you’re doing from the creative intricate home design and layout to the decor!

    Also, we are lovin the good vibes. These shows now days are so obsessed with the drama and negatives it’s refreshing to see a bunch or passionate, kind hearts working so well together!

    Can’t wait to see what else yall come up with!


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