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This last week, hammers beat down on nails, door knobs were picked up and screwed in, the final touches on paint were done and the compost toilet was securely snugged into the wall. The team found our energy to complete these final touches from freestyle rap sessions during lunch breaks and the anticipation of a happy couple who would soon be receiving their new home. We were all anxious, we were focused, and we were so excited to see the final bits come together and those once single pieces of wood and never before lit Edison bulbs, make a home.

Completing a project like this is extremely exciting for us here at Heirloom. It isn’t just about getting it done and moving on to the next big thing. It is about the process we journeyed together to get to where we are, the memories we made along the way, and the new friends we get to deliver this tiny home to when it is all finished.  We here are all just a bunch of friends and family, having fun and building homes. And when one of our Tiny Heirloom’s are complete, that just makes us even closer. And it makes it even better when that person, couple, or family, suddenly becomes a part of the Heirloom crew as well. Whether thousands of miles away in Texas living in their Tiny Heirloom or someone right here in Portland, we care about our Heirloom owners as if they were one of our very own.

This last Tuesday, we had a photoshoot for this newest home. Along with the excitement of the anticipating folks who would soon be living inside these walls, we also made some amazing new friends who filled it with some goodies for our shoot. Michelle, Katie Rae and Brianna travelled around Portland and collected some of the most beautiful products from some of our favorite brands. As you look through our newest home and see some of the amazing touches, you’ll see a few of these products. The Indigo blue rug from Kush Rug, the beautiful pillows, coasters, hat and other products loaned from Made Here PDX, or the unique chestnut Aurora lamp from The Good Flock! Take a look and go check out these amazing stores.

Custom made wooden tables, granite countertops, and extra counter space for a couple whose love language is found in the kitchen with a knife and skillet. These are some of the qualities that we believe make Heirloom, simply Heirloom. We love to customize for our clients. We believe that going smaller, doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing the things that makes your home, a home. So, as we moved forward in our photoshoot, these were obviously things we wanted to capture; our local partners, and the unique customizations of each of our homes. This was an amazing shoot and an amazing project we are really proud of! Check out the pictures below and stay tuned in the coming months for our next Heirloom!

Photo’s By: Ian Pratt

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  1. Awesome design and construction! I love your creativity and attention detail. But, most of all your family/team seem to be wonderful collectively and individually. We wish you much success.

  2. I watch your t.v. show all the time. Your work is excellent and I love the thought you put into the custom designs. I also like that you have a family business. We’ve had a family business for over 60 yrs. and it’s refreshing to see a family co-operating with each other. In a few years we will need to downsize from the home we’ve lived in for 46 yrs. I have some disabilities due to major back issues. I was wondering if you’ve given any thought to building a tiny home with a main floor bedroom and a guest loft bedroom. I would never be able to climb steps or a ladder to get to a loft bedroom. Just wondering about all this. We’re just in the thinking process now because we are care givers to my 96 yr. old Mother-in-law. She has Alzheimers and we couldn’t do anything at the current time. Our future is somewhat unsure right now.
    Thanks, CG

  3. I like your small details that you have in the designs of your Tiny houses. Some things are important to us older folks. I need a main floor bedroom; at 82 I don’t get up or down ladders anymore. My family members have to run back & forth and if I find the right one for me there is a chance I could put it on their property. Nothing carved in stone, but I am still looking.

    1. Post

      Hi JoAnna, we can do a main floor bedroom! Head over to our take action page and submit your info to be contacted by our sales team.

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