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tiny heirloom clothing and hats

Tiny Heirloom would like to announce our new store on our website!

We are asked constantly about our Tiny Heirloom clothing, hats (coming in July) and other branded gear when we walk around town. Until now, we have only produced these products for our employees & our tiny home owners. We wanted to share the love, and we know you will too.

When we started looking for products that we would brand our main priority was to make sure we would want our name on it. Does it last more than a few weeks, or fade away after a few washes, would we wear the clothing and use the products.  So with that said we hope you enjoy the products we have available, we hope to continue to expand our collection and release new and warmer clothing and hats for the winter season.

Visit our online shop and take advantage of our limited edition summer collection. When you get your Tiny Heirloom gear let us see you and how fabulous you look by tagging your photos @tinyheirloom


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