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When you live tiny you have to learn to live with less, but there is still a need for creative storage  in any living situation. Living in a tiny house just means you need to be more creative than before. If you’re downsizing you have already decided what you can live without, and now you need to figure out what to do with the things you have left. Living with less is very rewarding but you can’t live without everything! Storage is on the mind of every tiny house owner, so before having your own tiny house built consider creative built-in storage solutions.

It’s time to get creative and look at storage a little differently then you might have before, no more junk drawers and no more overflowing closets of storage.. but trust me you’re not missing out on anything! Last year I decided to rid my home of its junk drawer, I took everything inside that I just could not throw away in case I might need it once I got rid of it (of course you need it once it’s gone!) I placed everything inside a food saver bag and sealed it up. I have not once opened the bag. Is it really needed? I think not, but it truly is something so hard to part with, just a bunch of random things. It still is in the house, but it’s tucked away and now I have use of that drawer now for things I actually use.

Collapsible storage bags.

Yes, I love them. I started getting addicted to them as soon as I got a food saver vacuum unit for food storage.. then I started food saving non-food items. Just about everything that I don’t use at least once a week that I can not part with is in one of these bags. Big and small, with the help of vacuum storage bags larger things are kept small and the small things are altogether not wasting more space than they have to. Seriously the best way to store seasonal clothing, and any other things you use… but not all the time.  Here is a little video in case you are not familiar with how to use the bags. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can always use what I do, a small electric air pump that’s used to inflate rafts or air mattress. 

Moving forward with storage for the things you do actually use often isn’t quite as easy as smooshing it all into a bag. It needs to be accessible and easy to see, use and put back.

Creative storage.

Look for ways to utilise wall space for storage, hanging & vertical storage with shelves, hooks and magnets are a great storage solution and can add some cool design to your home. This includes behind doors, and sides of cabinets! Use all the dead space you can to find to create homes for your things.

hanging-basket-storage-ideas   Wall Storage     Inside Storage

Container storage.

One of the best choices for storage, because when everything has a home it will stay in place with little effort. Use containers for small things in the bathroom, and kitchen. Drawer trays with dividers to help you find what you’re looking for, you can even put containers inside these trays. Stack them, hang them with hooks, screws or use magnets to stick things in their new homes and keep things in their places. The most important thing here is to make sure you can see what is in each container. If there is no way to use clear containers just use a label to identify what each container holds.

tackelbox storage     pantry storage

Double Duty.

Furniture can be another great way to maximise storage, consider every piece of furniture as a storage opportunity, either creating storage or more space for storage. Coffee tables with storage inside, couches or sitting areas can provide storage trunks under the cushions. Murphy beds are commonly used to save space and tuck things away when not in use, how about adding a table that folds down when the bed is up. To wisely use every inch of space, “transforming furniture” can be just what you’re looking for. I really love what this company is doing for transformable furniture.  Although you might not have the space for this table at its full length until you bring it outdoors for a dinner party with family and friends, at it’s smallest size as an entry table, to a smaller sized dining table could be perfect for your tiny house!

Ideas & Hacks.

And last be open to using ideas and “hacks” you can easily find online or from friends, there are thousands of ideas for every situation you might be facing. If they don’t work for you, try something different. My favourite two found on the internet are using a rod inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink to hang cleaning supplies (saves room and time, now I don’t have to re-organize under the sink) and hooks inside of bathroom cabinets for my hairdryer and curling iron. So clever!


inline_6872_56ea0007551d7   bathroom storage

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