Happy New Year 2017!

2016 has been an incredibly successful year for the Tiny Heirloom family. We are so grateful for the support of our family, friends, team, fans and clients.

In the past year, we’ve accomplished incredible builds that we’re very proud of. We’ve met new clients with fantastic ideas who give us the chance to build the most luxurious, custom tiny homes anyone’s ever seen.

We believe 2017 will be another groundbreaking year with new ventures, here are a few that we are especially excited about:

Tiny Luxury has been renewed for season two and three! We are thrilled to show you more tiny homes, stories of our clients and a look at what goes into making your dream tiny home. We will be filming 28 new episodes with custom homes that we hope will inspire you!

At the end of 2016 we found the perfect new location for the Heirloom team to build our tiny homes! With increasing demand, this space is much larger and will allow us to build and perfect more tiny homes. We also have a great office space and will be creating a showroom for those who want to come by and get a taste of what Tiny Heirloom is all about in person! We will announce the opening of the new showroom as soon as it’s ready so please stay posted!

The Tiny Family is growing by two little ones! Coming in 2017 Jason and Brianna will welcome their first child and Zach and Hannah will be welcoming their second! We are very proud to be a family ran business and these sweet blessings add a whole new level of thankfulness for being able to work together and remind us how important family is. Perhaps one day they will be running the company!

We will continue our $1,000 military discount on our tiny homes in 2017. We want to thank those who have served and help them acquire their dream tiny home.

We often get asked about shipping. We offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous united states on our tiny homes (excluding the park model).

Our homes also have the capability of being shipped overseas to other countries – our popular Hawaii home was shipped via barge from here in Oregon. We are excited of the possibility that in 2017 we could have our first international client!

We are so excited to see what the new year brings and to share our journey with all of you! We love seeing your words of encouragement and seeing what you ‘like’ on our social media platforms. Stay tuned for more exciting business ventures we hope to start and big challenges we will take on this year!
Will 2017 be the year you finally build your dream tiny home?

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    1. Is there anything in the future plans that might work for a wheelchair client? My husband suffered a stroke a few years ago and he spends much of his time in a chair.


      1. Yes we can accommodate for you, we build custom homes so we can customize your home so it can be easy to move around in for a wheelchair. If your interested in talking more please head to our contact form and leave us your contact info, we will reach out to you soon!

  1. Dear Customer Service,

    My husband and I recently retired, Do you build tiny homes not on a trailer? Custom build on a foundation? We are currently purchasing property here in California, we fell in love with your design and quality before you aired on TV!!! We’ve been your email updates for quite sometime now.

    We have several questions. Please contact us when you find a moment to breathe…We would love it, if someone can telephone us at 209-602-0774. Loyal future customer?

    Frances & Jimmy Scott

    1. We do not currently build on anything but trailers, but I will have someone contact you with more info if you are still interested.

  2. Happy New Year to the awesome team you are. I have just discovered your company through the TV programme and really love what you are building. We build static small homes here in Australia but we are not so advanced in our thinking as you guys in terms of downsizing and getting rid of the home loan, but we have moved a little way since the THM began.

    We feel there would be more interest in the mobile tiny home so would like to tentatively ask if you have considered shipping to Queensland . The price might be prohibitive and we might have to consider building the trailer here inorder to pass road regulations. be interested in your thoughts.
    Meantime keep up the great work.

    Katrina Harding

    1. We could possibly do this we would have to have you work with a logistics broker.. they can help arrange everything needed to ship overseas.

  3. We have a 100 year old, 1000 ft cottage in Denver and want to renovate it. Do you create plans for renovation of an existing home? We want to keep the same footprint, but more effectively use the existing space with “tiny house” type ideas and products. We think we would need contractor ready plans. I know Colorado has similar companies, but your quality,creativity and experience are what we are looking for. If you haven’t ever done this, would you consider doing so? Appreciate your response!

  4. I love the show and dream of the day you can build my retirement home.I also love the family business aspect .Such lovely quality homes.

  5. Hi..You are a great family and build the most gorgeous tiny homes. I have been thinking about my future when Mom crosses over and I am alone having my very own tiny house built. The time frame is in God’s hands. I’m 61 and feel a tiny home will be perfect for me. One that I can hook up to a brand new truck and take off and visit anywhere in our gorgeous country. I really like the bigger tiny home around 250+ square feet. Not sure if I can pull her being that size. I watch all the shows and love so many features from many of your homes. Hoping in the future I will make my dream a reality. Hugzzzz to you all. Linda from Illinois

  6. I am a senior citizen and very interested in living in a tiny home near Austin, Texas. It would be wonderful to see your beautiful homes designed with the bedroom on the first floor and loft storage above. I’m sure they are other features that could be added to accommodate people our age, just can’t think what they could be. Perhaps, easy access into the home from the ground.

    Susan Fleck
    [email protected]

  7. So happy to hear about the new quarters, new office, and a SHOWROOM! That’s what I’ve been wanting to see. For five years I shopped travel trailers, almost bit, then knew I wouldn’t be happy with the borrrring and/or jarring decor — only window coverings I thought were smart are the day/night shades! Of course, one of my most favorite things to do is ‘nest’ – chasing the dust bunnies and re-arranging the sofa, bedroom, and more.
    My psyche may have been (just maybe) somewhat damaged or darkened by the 2.5 years my 3 youngest children, their father (not their Dad) and I spent in a 28′ travel trailer! It’s the only time in my life I had been unable to find work that paid enough to cover day care for 3 kids – the youngest only 18 months when we moved up to Humboldt County and set up camp in that ‘tiny house’, known as the ‘play house’ by my mom-in-;law. Now, my Tiny House would be for just me, my SPOO (Standard Poodle) and 2 older kitties!
    I’m dying to see the interior of a real Tiny House (not too tiny) to stretch my arms and long legs and see if it might work. Love the show!

  8. I watch your show and just love your homes. I am 56 and lost my husband last year to alcoholism. I currently live in Florida. I am toying with the idea of a tiny home. My son-in-law, daughter and 2 grandkids live in TX. He is in the army and they move a lot. What better way to be with them but in my own home!

  9. I absolutely love your work. Each episode I’m amazed at the ideas and craftsmanship you all show. Keep up the incredible job you do!

  10. I live in Louisiana. north of New Orleans to be exact…..where there is property available with lots of trees, ponds etc. More country and perfect for a tiny home. Would you guys either create a tiny home for my liking near my home or could it be shipped? My big question is which one….I do know I want a ground floor bedroom and do not object to a loft as a second room…….I believe a park model would fit this. I suppose I would have to come visit to see what you guys offer. Thanks!

    1. We ship our homes after they are built here on our property. We can do a ground floor bedroom, we have custom homes so you can design from the layout to the finishes. Head over to our contact page and we can talk further about your project!

  11. I watch your shows and recorded them so I can watch them over and over. I really want to have a tiny house built but I’m concerned about where I could park it. There are two RV parks here in town and one said they don’t take a tiny house. The other one doesn’t have long term stays. I am concerned that if I was on the road with my tiny home and needed to stop for the night that it might be hard to find a place to park it. Have you heard of other people having a problem with staying in an RV park over night or long term?

  12. I’m not getting your show any longer and it was my favorite tiny home show. I live in Louisiana. Do you have any idea why. I’m hoping to be able to have a tiny home built this year.

  13. We are retiring and considering a move to the West Coast. We like your designs. Do you know of any communities where we could put a tiny house permanently?

  14. I love the tiny home you did for the couple that moved to Hawaii. That has to be one of the prettiest tiny homes. When are you going to be back on TV again? That is our dream to have a tiny home to retire in the next 3 years. We live in Camas Washington about 15 miles from Portland Oregon. Can’t wait to see you back on TV soon. You guys are my favorite show, so can you please let me know when you are going to be on T.V again. Thank you for your time and help. Sincerely Jill RIDGLEY

  15. absolutely love what the 6 of you produce everything you guys do is pure gold mate. Im from Australia Im hooked. one day im going to get my tiny house.

  16. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I watch your show in New Zealand and I absolutely love it! You have such a luxurious look to everything you do! Looking forward to building my own tiny house one day and then travelling across the US in it.

  17. I love the tiny luxury house. I could not have lofts except for storage. I am 73 and a 5 year breast cancer survivor. I love Murphy beds. Small kitchen is ok but have to have tiny stove and tiny farm sink.

  18. Hi Tiny Heirloom Team!

    Adore the show, your passion, high-end functional pieces, and the detailed work you all do! Matter of fact, I’m watching it, while checkin out your website and emailing you.

    I’m going to be in Portland next week and would love to come and take a tour of your location while there. I’m tiny house obsessed, and actually live in a small studio where I have built and designed some of the double and triple duty pieces, to make it fab and functional. Eventually, the goal is to have a tiny home of my own, and I’d love to have your team do it!

    Is it possible to take a tour?

    Please let me know!



  19. Michelle/Tyson ur awesome i live n n.y. i am very interested n a tiny house should i come to u i know theres a waiting list ur ideas r great ezdeelove

  20. Hi! We love your show and never miss an episode! We are curious if y’all each live in your own tiny home? Thanks!

  21. You guys do awesome work from what I can see on TV one question I have for you do you all live in tiny houses as well?

  22. I love your show, and the creativity of each of you. What is so endearing about watching all of you is the apparent respect and love you have for each other.
    Your values and integrity are honestly shown. Continue your good works –
    blessings to all of you, and much
    success as you carry on. Your designs
    are top notch.

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