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6 thoughts on “Beachy Bohemian Tiny Home

    1. Hi Mary! Our company specializes in building the most luxurious custom tiny homes around! We believe in the idea that one shouldn’t have to downgrade in order to downsize, but quite the opposite! Our homes are custom built to our clients specific needs, so we really work with our clients during our design process to ensure that the home we build them is their dream home! We have a new line of homes called our Signature Series homes, which start at $39,995. These homes give you multiple layout options so you can pick the best one that suits you. Or, if you go the fully custom route, we work with you starting with a blank piece of paper and together design your dream home from scratch. From size, exterior finishes, to style and interior layout, you dream it up and we will build it for you! Our custom homes start at $89,000. Click the link I provide and check out our Signature Series homes, and for more photos of inspiring custom tiny homes check out our Instagram feed! 🙂

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