Midcentury Modern Tiny Home

Newlywed Atlanta musicians dream of taking their tiny home on tour.

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43 thoughts on “Midcentury Modern Tiny Home

  1. I absolutely love your tiny homes!! I can’t wait to figure out where here in CA (Bay Area) I can have one, so I can finally have my tiny home built. Until then, I will keep on watching your work, and dreaming of my next journey!
    Keep on building amazing homes! ❤❤

  2. Who is the manufacturer of the sectional that you put in the Hawaii tiny house? Have a small space in our house where this would be perfect! Love the show, gives some great ideas!

  3. I’m in Portland. My kids laugh at me when I say that I will have a tiny house built.
    Soon, they will not laugh 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you in OC 🙂

  4. Hey Linda,
    I’m in the same situation, trying to find a spot where I’m allowed to have a tiny house in the bay area. I really hope somebody invests on a tiny house village around here!
    Good luck!

  5. ok wow, where do i begin?! i love the blue kitchen in the adventure home. in the vintage glam design, i didn’t see a bedroom. i understand the sewer situation and the electric, but what about wifi? and i think a cross between vintage glam and mid century modern would fit my personal style. just getting details together re location etc … super excited and have lots of ideas! thank you for the great photos and site, it makes viewing the options a pleasure. 🙂

  6. Wow! I absolutely love the work you do with these tiny homes! I can’t wait to get mine built! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Hello I really love your homes! I am disabled so I am not always able to climb or crawl on my hands and knees in your loft bedrooms. However i would like some type of seperation from a main sleeping area and having friends and family over. Are my necessities and wants pretty much unattainable. I live in Clackamas Oregon are there any area’s where i could put my Tiny home I have heard that it is very difficult to find a place.
    Thank you
    Arleen Smith

  8. Yes i love your tiny midcentury home only i want a open door slide up garage concept entry. So that i can have more of a outside in door feel. I am stuck legally in my mother’s estate. However i plan to renovate my moms property in to four apartments for off student housing. The first next thing i want to do is sell the four apts and buy a truck, land, and then let you guys design me a great tiny house.

  9. I’very been closely following the “Tiny Home” movement for just over a year and am seriously looking at selling my current 1800 sq ft ranch in favor of something closer to 400 sq ft that’s mobile. Living on the east coast, zoning laws aren’t favorable to this trend. So, I’m also researching areas within the country which will suit my active lifestyle and allow me the freedom to place one of these gems on a smaller piece of property. Your company designs include exactly what I want for my last home purchase.

  10. What an incredible product! Hoping to get my own Tiny Heirloom in the not too distant future! Question though-do you need a water hookup/meter?

  11. I am a musician myself but my instrument is the piano. I love this design, but if I had to sacrifice one feature to accommodate the piano, it would be either the desk or the dining set. A tiny home is a dream of mine at this time, not planning to have one in the near future. And I live in Puerto Rico. Tiny homes are not that popular here yet.

  12. Hello
    , I started watching you tiny home show after braking my wrist in late Oct 2015. After two surgery and a lots of rehab, I think I watched them all. I just want you all to know that watching you kids making these tiny homes are amazing. My Daughter & Son n Law live in Portland and I’m finally able to go visit. I would love to meet you all. I’m looking for something to do with my time. I worked for Mr. Ty Warner at Ty, Inc. for 20 years and I’m now unemployed. My organizing skill are very well tuned. I would love to work with you lovely young people and give you some of my knowledge as well. Working for the beanie baby king all those years has really seasoned me well. Well I would love to meet you and I will be in town on May 17 thru the 24. Have a great Easter to you all. Trudy

      1. Hello Rosie! We don’t necessarily have a list with the final price for each home we’ve built as each home is custom made for a specific client and we can’t disclose what they as a client paid for their home. Like this home, all of our custom homes start at $89,000 and our Signature Series homes start at $39,995. You can check out our new Signature Series homes by clicking the link I provided. 🙂

        Link to Signature Series homes: http://www.tinyheirloom.com/signature-series/

  13. I just found your show on the DIY network. I love the tiny homes that I’ve seen on the show and have been glued to the television. I have property in Pacific Beach, WA with power, city water and city sewage. I can’t wait till my finance allow me to have you build my tiny home. I plan on using it as a permanent residence and won’t be ever moving it. If your ever in the Puyallup, WA area. please let me know. I live in Puyallup area now but Pacific Beach, WA will be my permanent retirement home. The climate at the WA coast is just the same as the Oregon coast.,, wind, lots of rain plus storms. Am interested in at least 500 sq.ft with a roof top deck and outside deck. Can’t wait,, again, love you tiny homes and your show… ED

  14. Saw an episode that homeowner wanted silver glittered counter tops. Loved the entire Tiny House. Can you help me locate the house and where it was built? Love your show!

  15. It would be awesome to include floor plans of at least the base layouts, an online “configurator” or customizer with the available options would be awesome to see. At tiny house is an option we are considering as an alternative to building an in-law unit.

  16. Would it be possible to list for each house on your website the total cost and how much it would be to build a replicate of them? Thanks.

    1. We don’t replicate the homes but build custom units for all our home owners. We start our homes with a base price for the size and then add on custom features that all are priced out per build. Head over to our contact us page and leave us your info if you would like us to get in touch.

    1. Hello Dominique, and thanks for your submission! Somebody should be reaching out to you very shortly if they haven’t already! 🙂

  17. I have a question. My short term goal is to spend a few years traveling with my tiny house, but the long term goal is to retire it to a plot of land. If it’s meant to be on wheels how do you/can you make it long term stationary? Is that possible?

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