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27 thoughts on “Rustic Tiny Home

  1. What a lovely and perfectly sized abode! What is the square footage of this home and is the size of this home easily mobile on the road? Although all of your heirloom homes are on wheels, there is a certain limitation to the size (such as the 400sqft model in Hawaii) that would allow for a one time move to place on your own piece of land, as apposed to being an avid traveler and taking your home wherever you go. I did see that you have a line of signature homes that are smaller and more affordable, but I would prefer to spend the extra money for a custom home of this particular size and style. 🙂 Thank you.

    1. Hi Carmen, thanks for your patience as I am just getting back to you! This particular homes dimensions are 26’x8’6″x13’6″, making it still easily mobile! When designing a home, we do suggest to those who plan to travel frequently in their home to do their best to fit all of their must-haves into the smallest floor plan possible to ensure easy and hassle free mobility, so they can use their home as intended. 🙂

  2. Hello Tiny Heirloom Team,

    My husband and I are very interested in having a tiny home built. We have a few questions, to start with, with many many more to come.

    Our first question is; how long, wide, and tall can our tiny house be, to be towed by our 2016 Chevy pick up?

    To have your team design and build our tiny home, how far out before we can drive it off of your property… ball park date?

    Thank you so much for your time. Have a great day!

    Cobi Bush

    1. Hello! We would love to work with you! Our sales team can tell you all about our schedules and when we can get your home completed the soonest as well as discuss all of our options. The average time from beginning to end is anywhere from 90-120 days. However, if you are a custom build for our TV show, we build them in 30 days. We are always working on multiple homes which helps it move quicker. I encourage you to click the “contact us” tab on the homepage of this website and fill out the contact form! After you’ve done that somebody from our sales team can reach out to you very shortly and you can discuss all of your questions, and even get a free personalized estimate!

    2. Hello! Great questions, and we would love to work with you! As for your truck it depends on its towing capacity. We typically use a diesel 3/4 ton truck to tow most of our homes off of our property but a 1 ton would work even better! We’ve also just announced our new Signature Series homes which start at $39,995 and can be pulled by a 1/2 ton! To answer your other question, our homes typically take anywhere between 90-120 days to build from start to finish. If your home is a custom home for our TV show Tiny Luxury then it will be built in 30 days! Thanks for reaching out, and let us know if you have anymore questions!

    1. Hello Amber! Although we can’t disclose the price that this particular client paid for their home, as it was custom built for them, we can let you know that all of our custom homes like this one start at $89,000. 🙂

  3. I’m very much interested in having a tiny house and live simple. Your work is great! Any tiny houses for $30,000?

  4. I love this rustic home but I don’t see a spot for a washer/dryer combo. Also what does thus one run? The colors are wonderful! And love love the bedroom down stairs. My next question is does the bed lift up for storage and will it fit a king? Thanks

    1. Hello Becky! We are glad you like it! This home was a custom home built for a specific client based off of their vision! All of our custom homes, like this one, start at $89,000. When designing your home we can absolutely use this one as reference and inspiration, making adjustments as necessary to fit your own personal vision! 🙂 It isn’t pictured in the gallery, but the bed is sitting on a platform with lots of cubby storage underneath! Although it would be a bit tighter, I would imagine you could fit a king sized bed in a space like this!

  5. Hello, my name is melinda my family of five are wanting to build a tiny house on our lot. I really like the layout on the Rustic Tiny home but with another loft on the opposite side too. Our tiny home has to be on a foundation. Do you sell blueprints? or are willing to make them up?. We are wanting to start building in the spring.

    1. Hello Melinda! We don’t sell our blueprints and have yet to build a home that sits on a foundation, however we have been considering the possibilities of soon building this type of home! If you fill out our small contact form you can schedule the best time for us to reach out to you so we can hear about your vision and discuss the possibilities! 🙂

      Link to contact form:

  6. Hi
    Can you please tell me where to find pictures of the tiny home with the beautiful white L-shaped couch? Your ads fly by so fast I only get a glimpse of it and would like to see the whole house.

    Thank you.
    [email protected]

  7. Hi, when I watch the show and they show a quick collage of homes in the introduction, I have seen a rock/stone fireplace. I would love to know what episode that was or pictures of that tiny home, looks beautiful! Thanks

    1. Hey there Wendy! The home you are describing sounds like the cabin themed home that we built in season one of Tiny Luxury. I believe that home was featured in episode 17! 🙂

  8. Hi Jonathan – I really love your show and have seen most of the episodes. I know you said that you build to RIA specifications. I haven’t noticed you putting in vents over the stove tops or fans in the bathrooms. Are those required? It seems like the homes might get smelly or have moisture problems if they aren’t included. I’d love to know how you would combat a moisture problem in the homes. Thanks.

    1. Hello Susan and great questions! We install vented hoods over every gas range and will use recirculating or vented hoods over electric ranges, depending on what the client prefers. As for the bathrooms, if they have a composting toilet, an overhead fan is not recommended by the the manufacturer. The composting toilet has a fan built into it already and an overhead fan could actually overpower the built-in fan and pull the smell out of the toilet and into the home, which wouldn’t be pleasant, so typically the built-in fan in the toilet is the main fan in the bathroom as it can even manage the moisture from the shower! If the client will be using the bathroom heavily (larger family) then we will sometimes install a fan as well as the composter’s, but there has to be an open window so the fan can draw air from somewhere other than the toilet. If the home has a regular flush toilet we will install an overhead fan. Hope that helps answer you questions! Thanks! 🙂

      1. Thanks Jonathan. Do you install the hoods after the episodes are filmed? I usually don’t see hoods when the clients go through the homes during the big reveal.

  9. Hello,
    My husband and I are interested in having a tiny home built but not mobile, something around 800 – 1000 sf and we hope to find a small parcel of land to put it on. We are working toward moving and retiring. Do you handle these kind of builds? I LOVE the styles you come up with.

    Thank You,
    Rita Julian

  10. Love the bed on the platform, how much space is under it? I think it would be great to store my kayaks, skis, camping equipment and tools. Is there any other storage available for cleaning products? Also, is there any other room for clothes? If I were to get a tiny home, I would need space for my clothing (I can clean out my closet a lot, but I am an attorney so I need space to hang business outfits), and I have seen a similar design with a walk in closet behind the bed, is there space behind the bed if it were a full size bed instead of a queen? Have you seen any other innovative designs that could store my toys. I saw another design with a climbing wall, my kayaks are bulky and the smallest is 35 lbs so holding them over my head to raise them into a loft is a recipe for disaster. I also like the idea of having a deck to climb onto to breath in the views! Thank you, Kim

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