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4 thoughts on “Tiny Home and Garden

  1. I love your homes and am interested in building a tiny home myself someday. I see that your custom homes start at $89,995. What is the size of this home baseline home? How large can you build a home and still have it moveable? Can you build one with a roof top deck and a fold down outside area as well?

    Appreciate your input. You guys are really so creative and amazing!

    1. Great questions Sally! All of our custom homes are built 8’6″ wide, 13’6″ tall, and as far as length goes, we’ve built tiny homes all the way up to 38′ and they were mobile! The home you are commenting on is 24′ long. We love building rooftop decks! I would suggest getting in contact with our sales team so you can talk about your vision and even ask about the possibilities of a fold down outside area! I’ll provide you a link that will take you to a contact form on our website where you can schedule the most convenient time our our sales team to reach out to you and give you a free personalized estimate on your vision!

      Link to contact form: http://www.tinyheirloom.com/take-action/

  2. Amazing work on all of your homes! I’m currently looking to build my own tiny home in my hometown of Holland, Mi and move it to the Colorado Springs area. For an 8 1/2 ft by 20ft home do you have any input on a price point I could do it myself for? Also is there any websites or anything on building codes to make sure that it’s legal?

    1. Hi Jake! To find out the legalities on tiny homes specific to your area you’ll have to check with your local county to see what the rules and regulations are. Tiny Heirloom sells DIY Shells for the “do it yourself” tiny homer! We build the structure, and you finish the interior. They start at $15,000! You may want to look into that option. 🙂

      Click the link for more info: http://www.tinyheirloom.com/the-perfect-start-kit/

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