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There are tiny homes, and there are Tiny Heirlooms

Custom Built Tiny Heirloom Photo Gallery


Tiny Home in Lake Tahoe

A couple in Lake Tahoe needs a tiny home with a guest bedroom.

Tiny house on wheels

Tiny Home for Engaged Couple

An engaged Indianapolis couple designs a Victorian-style tiny home.

little homes

Tiny Home With a Big Kitchen

An engaged couple asks for a gourmet kitchen in their tiny Seattle home.

Tiny Houses custom built by Tiny Heirloom

Modern Tiny Home in Colorado

A Colorado couple wants a modern tiny home with Zen touches.

Luxurious Tiny House

Tiny Home, Big Family

A family of five squeezes into a tiny home with three bedrooms.

Large sleeping Loft

Tiny Home for Military Couple

A military couple downsizes in preparation for his next reassignment.

Vintage Glam

Tiny Home with Vintage Glam

A Portland couple commissions a sleek and sophisticated tiny home.

Tiny House Living

Midcentury Modern Tiny Home

Newlywed Atlanta musicians dream of taking their tiny home on tour.

Airo dynamic Tiny Home

Aerodynamic Tiny Home

The team builds their smallest tiny home to date for Chicago artists.


Tiny Home for Family of Four

A military family of four dreams of a luxurious and retro home-on-wheels.

Southern Charm tiny House

Tiny Home with Southern Charm

Mississippi native Nancy dreams of a Southern cottage-inspired tiny home.

Hawaii Tiny House

Tiny Home in Hawaii

A California couple opts for a tiny home instead of beachfront property.

Colorado Tiny House

Rocky Mountain Tiny Home

A family is ready for a relaxing vacation in a tiny home in Colorado.


Tiny Adventure Home

A Mississippi couple wants to bring their passion for adventure with them wherever they travel.


Texas Tiny Home

Texans have a vision for their tiny home that goes beyond square footage.


Modern Mountain Tiny Home

An ultra-modern and mountain-inspired designed Tiny Home.