Contempo Tiny House

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  1. I absolutely love your tiny homes!! I can’t wait to figure out where here in CA (Bay Area) I can have one, so I can finally have my tiny home built. Until then, I will keep on watching your work, and dreaming of my next journey!
    Keep on building amazing homes! ❤❤

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  2. Who is the manufacturer of the sectional that you put in the Hawaii tiny house? Have a small space in our house where this would be perfect! Love the show, gives some great ideas!

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  3. I’m in Portland. My kids laugh at me when I say that I will have a tiny house built.
    Soon, they will not laugh 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you in OC 🙂

  4. Hey Linda,
    I’m in the same situation, trying to find a spot where I’m allowed to have a tiny house in the bay area. I really hope somebody invests on a tiny house village around here!
    Good luck!

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