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  1. Good evening, my wife and I are in quite the pickle. We are moving to a small town in Wyoming (Guernsey, tiny!) for a new job I took. We hate the housing options in the area. We have talked until we are blue in the face about a tiny home. We’d love it. However, we have 2 kids (4 month old boy and 9 yr old boy). Can something like this work with 3 beds and at least enough privacy we can close a door? Love your concepts, and design. I have VA benefits but I don’t think they will allow me to do this. Can I get some direction on financing/ where to put it physically? Would I have to buy land? If you can help make this a reality and not have us stuck in a house we hate I would be a hero. I appreciate any guidance you can give.

    Stephen Plym
    Cell: 402-215-3939

    1. Thanks for reaching out! Wyoming is a beautiful state and I think you could live there happily in a tiny home. We always suggest looking into RV parks as an option to park your home, but always make sure they are tiny home friendly and can rent you a space for multiple months! Also, looking within your community (or future community) to see if there is anybody looking to rent out a portion of their land for tiny homes to be parked and dwelled in is another possibility for tiny home parking! We’ve built homes for families with children before and since our homes are custom, we can build yours to accommodate you and your family comfortably! For privacy we can always build a loft that is secluded by a wall and a door. They aren’t required to be open as you typically see, that is just preference. For children, in the past we have built a second loft divided into two by a privacy wall that fits two twin mattresses, and even ground floor nurseries! To give some guidance on financing- Our tiny homes don’t qualify for a traditional home loan, and a lot of our clients have been making their dreams of owning a tiny home a reality by purchasing with RV loan or Unsecured loan. I think we can even better guide you if you go to our website and fill out a small contact form (I will provide a link). This is how we get in touch with all of our clients. It will allow you to schedule the best time for us to reach out to you so we can get better acquainted and discuss your personal needs,vision and give you a free personalized estimate! Hope to see your submission soon! 🙂

      Link to contact form:

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