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We Are Tiny Heirloom.

Custom Built Tiny Homes

Based in Portland, Oregon & Family run



Tiny Heirloom is recognized as the worlds premier and original luxury tiny home builder and one of the only companies that can truly claim to build pure custom built tiny homes. It all started with an idea, ambition and a luxurious twist on an already great platform.

Custom Built Tiny Homes by Tiny Heirloom

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Making History

As a family run business, we hold our values and principles close to heart in every decision we make. We believe that upright integrity and hard work is how a company makes history. We have set out to do the impossible and create a solution for those who would like to start fresh with the freedom to go wherever one desires in a tiny house that is as uniquely beautiful as its owner.

Luxurious Twist

With over a decade of team experience in residential construction, we realized there was something more meaningful in building tiny. So we immersed ourselves in the tiny home movement and despite all its glory we found there was something lacking. Downsizing to create a more simple and free life is what it’s all about but at what point do you stop compromising your life standards? We decided to bridge the gap so that downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading. At this point, we realized there was something special so we took it even one step further. Why couldn’t we create a way for someone to downsize and upgrade at the same time? So we set out to do just that and our first prototype went viral.

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