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Business and Marketing Solutions

We are proud to offer mobile business and marketing solutions for companies, marketing agencies, commercial applications, boutique resorts, retail, restaurants, special events, and temporary natural disaster housing.

Custom Catered to Your Brand

Choose the colors and materials that represent your brand
Express your brands style through fixtures and custom features
choose the energy and system setup that is right for your application

Ready For to Hit The Road

Built On and Certified
As a RVIA TRavel trailer making towing a breeze
Designed and build To Be Compliant With DOT highway Travel Laws
Every Detail is Built To Handle The Stress of Travel

Bring Your Brand to Them

With the ability to go wherever the events are, you can now literally bring your brand to your audience. By offering engaging experiences with face to face interactions with your brand, loyalty and hype is bound to follow. Give them something they won’t forget and can’t stop talking about.

Recurring Investment

With advertising being oversatured in every way it's critical to ensure every dollar spend not only goes the farthest but has the most impact. Unlike nearly every other advertising platform, we’ve created a way to make an investment that not only brings incredible and repeatable advertising and PR opportunities but also creates an asset for your brand.

“Tiny Heirloom was a perfect partner for IG as their attention to detail, family first, and relentless drive to build the impossible melds perfectly with our immediate and long term goals in providing hospitality solutions across the entire United States."

- Michael Saks, Chief Development Officer - Innovative Group


Dewar's Emporium

HGTV's Tiny Tailgate - Coming Soon!

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