Tiny Luxury
is Back!

(So we're giving away free entertainment packages with every new Tiny Heirloom)

Season 3 of our TV show, "Tiny Luxury" will be premier on DIY Network on May 10th, and premiering on HGTV shortly after. This season is full of new innovative designs and architecture that we are proud to call some of our best work. We are excited to show you guys what we've been working on.

To celebrate the premiere of our latest season of Tiny Luxury we are giving out a free Entertainment Package ($3,500 retail value) to everyone who purchases a tiny home in May. We're talking top-rated in-ceiling speakers, 53-inch flatscreen TV, and much more! Be sure to include "THPREMIERE" in the "Tell us a bit about your project" box when you submit your free consult form with the link below.

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Tiny Homes for Freedom-First Living

Based in Portland Oregon, Tiny Heirloom is recognized as the world's leader in custom tiny homes. By relentlessly pursuing perfection we’ve continued to set a higher standard and challenged the ‘impossible’ while creating tiny homes that have been called “masterpieces of craftsmanship”. From tiny homes on wheels to small homes on foundations our expertise in design, architecture, construction and interior finishes has taken living to a whole new level.


Tiny Homes

The word ‘custom’ is much too lightly used in the tiny house industry. From our origin, we’ve taken it to its truest meaning and mastered the art of designing and building one of a kind pure custom homes.

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Signature Series
Tiny Homes

Designed by us, with a focus on function and style, then personalized by you. These economical yet quality built tiny homes are perfect for home owners or investors alike.

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What Makes Us Special


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The Tiny Home
of Your Dreams

Unmatched quality, attention to detail and passion for the craft sets a new standard for each of our custom homes. But we don’t do it alone. On the contrary, we partner with each client and together we start with a blank page to create a tiny house that is as unique as they are.

What does it really mean to order a new custom bespoke tiny home from Tiny Heirloom and how do we facilitate this for our clients?

the Custom Build Process

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Tiny Heirloom

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