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Florida Tiny Homes


Florida Tiny Homes Built for Sunshine State Living! 

Downsizing or retiring in a tiny house in Florida has become more and more popular in recent years. Florida is frequently cited as one of the very best states in the U.S. for tiny home living, based on the number of tiny home-specific communities, zoning/permitting opportunities, RV parks accepting tiny homes, and more factors. Add in Florida’s great weather, beautiful beaches, tax breaks for seniors, and buzzing social scene on top of all this and it’s easy to understand why the Florida tiny living movement is booming. 

Whether you are looking for a custom tiny home, a prefab or pre-built tiny home, or a pre-owned tiny home to suit your Florida lifestyle, we’re here to help point you in the right direction. No matter your vision, our team of designers and builders will apply their world-renowned creativity and craftsmanship to bring your tiny home dreams to life. 

How It Works

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At Tiny Heirloom, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, nor do four pre-defined tiny home models – your dreams are more unique than that! That’s why we are happy to work with each and every client one-on-one to design the tiny living situation that’s perfectly suited to their needs and desires. We have in-house engineers and designers to make your custom tiny homes vision a reality, and the construction know-how to build anything. Options for tiny homes range from trailer type to architectural style all the way down to countertop material and trim color. Or, customize a corporate build for mobile experiential marketing, shipping container, food cart or mobile office – the options are endless!

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      • What Are Florida Tiny House Regulations Like? 

      In the last few years, more and more municipalities around Florida have reformed their housing laws and passed ordinances to make permanent tiny home dwelling more accessible. For example, Rockledge City Council adopted some of the most progressive tiny housing zoning ordinances in the country, legalizing both tiny houses on wheels and tiny houses with a foundation. Ever since, the tiny home movement in Florida has taken off and more tiny-friendly communities have started to form in areas such as Longwood, Osceola County, Marion Country, and more. 

    • Where Can You Put a Tiny House in Florida? 

    In addition to more and more tiny-friendly cities in Florida, there are great tiny-specific communities, as well as many RV parks that welcome tiny home dwellers. Many of these communities and RV parks are located in resort-like lakefront or beachfront settings. Some offer great amenities like pools, hot tubs, community centers… even their own bars and nightclubs! For more options, read our guide to “Where to Put a Tiny House (Legally).” 

    • What Are the Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home in Florida? 

    Living in a tiny home in Florida is a great option for many people. Not only does it bring great financial benefits, such as lower monthly costs and the opportunity to live mortgage-free, but also many great lifestyle benefits. To name a few, switching to a smaller and more simple living arrangement can help reduce stress, encourage more time spent outdoors, and bring you closer to your loved ones. Read “10 Lifestyle Benefits of Living in a Tiny House Trailer” for even more reasons to make the move. 

    • How Much Does a Tiny House Cost? 

    Professionally crafted tiny homes often fall within a price range of $45,000 to $100,000, though you can certainly pay more for a more luxurious tiny home. Prices vary based on a variety of factors, such as the materials used, the quality of the craftsmanship, and whether the home is custom, prefab, or pre-owned. For comparison purposes, the median price of a regular-sized home in Florida was $229,000 in 2019, so you can save quite a bit by going tiny! Read our article “How Much Does a Tiny House Cost?” or reach out to us for a more accurate quote.  

Signature Series

Our Signature Series of Tiny Homes are our best value tiny houses and trailers, while still giving you plenty of options in terms of size and features, and the impeccable workmanship Tiny Heirloom is known for.

The Signature Series includes:

Hands working on a hitch connecting a tiny home to the truck that's transporting it

Join the Florida Tiny Home Community Movement!

Whether you are looking to downsize, retire, live a mortgage-free life, or just spend more time at the beach in the sunshine, Florida is a great place to join the tiny living movement and make your dreams a reality. And with local tiny home legislation improving year after year, it’s becoming easier than ever to do so. Our team of tiny home experts will help you make a seamless transition to tiny living with a home that meets your specific budget, goals, and vision. 

Custom Tiny Homes in Florida

Customizing a tiny home from the ground up is one of the best ways to ensure your new home matches up with your unique style, needs, and way of life. It can also help you take advantage of all that Florida has to offer. For example, depending on your priorities, you can choose exactly where you want your windows placed to maximize beach views from your tiny home, or create a hybrid kitchen and living area that’s perfectly suited for entertaining and hosting parties. Many tiny homes in Florida also focus on creating great outdoor spaces to maximize otherwise limited square footage. 

Tiny Home for Sale in Florida

If designing a custom tiny home from the ground up is out of reach, we also have many incredible pre-built and pre-owned tiny homes for sale, including our Signature Series line of prefab tiny homes. These homes are generally more affordable than custom homes, but they’re a culmination of years of design and construction experience, so they don’t compromise on craftsmanship, quality, or aesthetics.

No matter what kind of tiny home you’re after, we can’t wait to work with you and bring your Florida dream home to life! 

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  • We build top-of-the-line tiny homes for clients across the state of Florida, including the following areas: 

    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Miami, FL
    • Tampa, FL
    • Orlando, FL
    • St. Petersburg, FL
    • Hialeah, FL
    • Port St. Lucie, FL
    • Cape Coral, FL
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    • And many more!