Aerodynamic Tiny Home

The team builds their smallest tiny home to date for Chicago artists.

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14 thoughts on “Aerodynamic Tiny Home

  1. Pam Garrett
    FEBRUARY 5, 2017 AT 8:00 AM

    We are looking for a retirement home and are currently researching tiny homes and property in the northwest region. Our plan is to complete our goals within a two year period. Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  2. OMG!!! I looooove these homes!! Me and better half is really INTERESTED in purchasing a Tiny Heirloom i have watched your show and fell in love with all of the homes!! All of you are AWWWESOOME in what your doing, im trying to build my credit up so that i can get financed for one, i’m a Foster Parent and a stay at home Mom taking care of my lil ones.. So hopefully we will get the chance to be on your show getting our Lovely home built with LOVE TIME & ENJOYMENT!!

  3. Looking for a tiny house for my brother, I think he will like this one. Is there a shower in the bathroom, there is no picture of the shower. Could not see the kitchen area, my brother doesn’t cook is there room to put a microwave. Can you send me more pictures of this model. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi,
    Do you have tiny homes to view? I will be visiting Portland July 1st thru the 10th and would love to come see your work if possible.
    Thank you!
    Jami Freeman

    1. Hello Terri! This home was custom-built for a client, so we can’t disclose the price they specifically paid for their home, however a custom tiny home like this one starts at $89,000. This home was built on a 21′ gooseneck trailer. It’s 8’6″ wide and 13’6″ tall! 🙂

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