About Us

Tiny Heirloom

As a family run business, we hold our values and principles close to heart in every decision we make. We believe that upright integrity and hard work is how a company makes history.

With over a decade of team experience in residential construction, we realized there was something more meaningful in building tiny. So we immersed ourselves in the tiny home movement and despite all its glory, we found there was something lacking. Downsizing to create a more simple and free life is what it’s all about but at what point do you stop compromising your living standards?

We decided to bridge the gap so that downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading. At this point, we realized there was something special so we took it even one step further. Why couldn’t we create a way for someone to downsize and upgrade at the same time?

So, striving to take a creative and fairly new tiny home platform and make it exceptional in all fronts, spurred us on to come up with a way people can take ownership of the simple yet complex thought that “less is more”.

We have set out to do just that.

Our New Partners, Tiny Innovations

We build modern, versatile, fully custom Tiny Living homes that are as beautiful as they are functional. We don’t take “no” for an answer and say “yes” to anything you can envision.

Jeremy and Ryan are Tiny Innovations. Together, we saw a need and an opportunity in the niche tiny home market to use our design and building skills to create something greater, something that would last. Our goal is to really innovate throughout the entire tiny industry, and take it far beyond where it’s been. With our trusted team of engineers, contractors and builders, we make one-of a kind, custom Tiny Living options that will be appreciated for a lifetime.

Jeremy, Ryan and their team have built multi-million dollar mansions, fully custom residential remodels and more. They take all that experience in big homes and turn it tiny. They’re not just hobbyists building Tiny Homes in their backyards – they have extensive real-world building expertise bringing projects from the design and engineering phase through construction, finishing and all the way to market.


Tiny Heirloom and Tiny Innovations, two of the leaders in the tiny home industry, have joined forces and will continue together under the Tiny Heirloom name. You’ll get the same excellent quality, craftsmanship and service you’ve come to expect from both companies – innovative luxury!