Collaborations &
Business Inquiries

We are looking for individuals, investors or developers with land, funds or other resources who are interested in collaborating with us on Tiny Heirloom tiny home communities, rentals, parks or other projects.

Tiny Home Communities

Be a part of something amazing by joining us in a Tiny Home Community venture. We’re looking for development partners who have land and the vision to do something great with it.

Tiny Home Parks

Support the movement and grow your revenue stream by welcoming tiny house owners to your RV park. We’ll partner with you to make your park accessible and appealing to tiny house owners.

Tiny Home Rentals

We’re looking for experienced rental and hospitality partners who are excited about tapping into the growing tiny house vacation rental market.

Other Inquiries

Looking to start with your own tiny house? Got another idea to share? Contact us on the Take Action page to get started.


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