Scandinavian Simplicity

The Story

Our East Coast clients came to us with the desire to build a high-end vacation home for themselves and their baby. With multiple kids and newborns in the family currently we fully understood their needs and were very excited to bring their vision to life while incorporating all of their needs, dreams and desires into the design.

With a master loft with large windows and a opening skylight and a nursery room downstairs past the bathroom it provides the privacy for the parents and quite separate room for the babies naps.


Inspired by true scandinavian design we sought to thread simplistic yet sophisticated elements throughout the design. Frameless plywood cabinets and concrete countertops hit this nail on the head. Cork floors and custom designed kitchen tile backsplash provide a unique aesthetic to the house while also bringing life to the design.


24’ Long, 8’6” Wide, 13’6” tall