Vintage Glam

The Story

Callie and Ben are a young couple from LA looking to make the move up to Portland. The opted for a custom tiny house to make a prolonged transition more doable as they slowly moved up to the Pacific Northwest. Together we created one of our most beloved tiny homes to date!


Being young professionals from LA, they have a keen sense of style as well as a love home automation. This of course really perked our ears and got our designer brains firing at all cylinders. Because Callie prefers an elegant yet not outdated aesthetic we choose some charming features like marble quartzite countertops and glass diamond chandeliers. Combined with some of the fine finishes like smooth walls it really created a space that felt rich and charming yet not gody or outdated. Check it out here! (Embeded video of automated slide-outs)

We incorporated some high end home automation systems in this charming smart home. Our favorite being an automated platform that with a push of a button, your dining table and chairs slide out and the chandelier once in the kitchen begins sliding to its resting place just above the table. Talk about setting the mood!

Special Features

We really love a nod back to the olden days so we placed a beautiful Clawfoot tub in their bathroom suite with a live Garden wall under dual solar powered skylights.

We really wanted to make a dramatic statement in the living room so we had a circular window custom designed that really makes this living room unique and eloquent.