Our Process

Phase 1

The Journey Begins

Each Custom Tiny Heirloom Starts with a meeting (conference call or in person meeting) with the potential owner and a Tiny Heirloom Team member. In this initial call we get to know each other as well as talk through your dreams, purposes and desires to grasp a better understanding of what you are looking to get out of your custom tiny house.

Phase 2

Ideas, Wishes and Dreams

After our initial meeting, our Team takes all your ideas, wishes and dreams and puts them together as a proposal with specific details, features and functions of your tiny home. With your acceptance we enter into a Reservation Agreement where we take the custom design or your tiny home to the next level.

Phase 3

The Blank Page

This is one of the most exciting parts of the process. We work closely with you to design the layout and architectural foundations of what will become your dream tiny home. It all starts from scratch as every Custom Tiny Heirloom Home starts with a blank page. We don’t work off of pre-designed layouts. Custom is truly custom at Tiny Heirloom so we design your tiny home to be exactly how you want it to fit your needs and lifestyle. When you step inside your finished tiny home for the first time it makes it all the more enjoyable.

Phase 4

The Handshake

The custom plans and designs are then refined and completed. Once our Team of designers and architects, and most importantly, YOU, are completely satisfied, the final agreement is ready to be signed and the creation of your very own Custom Tiny Home begins.

Phase 5

Project Planning and Ordering

Our team immediately gets to work planning the process and creation of your tiny home by scheduling all aspects of the build and ordering special features and building materials that have been specified in the design.

Phase 6

Concept to Reality

This is where your dream truly becomes a reality. Our teams of builders, contractors, specialists and fine finish carpenters build your custom tiny home piece by piece. We put approximately 750+ qualified man hours into each home with over 100 step-by-step items and processes we inspect for quality assurance that makes it a true masterpiece. Pictures and/or videos of progress are shared with you along the way so you can see your tiny home come to life.

Phase 7

Maiden Voyage

Upon completion of the build, your tiny home undergoes a series of tests on all the systems (like plumbing and electrical), as well as all the practical quality control tests to ensure your home is second to none. After passing all tests, your home is taken on its maiden voyage – it gets weighted and then we place a RVIA insignia seal and Tiny Heirloom VIN plate on your home, marking it complete.

Phase 8

Final Approval

Finally your custom tiny home is ready. This is where the fruit of a incredible partnership pays off as you tour your tiny home for the first time. We highly encourage you to take a site visit so you can physically walk through your brand new Custom Tiny Heirloom home. When in person visits are not feasible, we conduct high quality video walkthroughs. We explain how your home functions and provide you with tips on ease of use and how to get the most out of your tiny home.