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A Frame Tiny House

A-Frame Tiny House

If your dream home is a charming cabin with a timeless appeal, an A-frame tiny house can be the best option. No matter the appeal of modern architectural styles, the design of an A-frame tiny home always brings out an image of simplicity that’s close to nature. And since the coronavirus pandemic, their popularity has risen even more.

So, what makes people forego the luxuries of a lavish house and settle for a tiny house?

Let’s look into the details and find out.


What Is An A-frame Tiny House?

The two distinctive features of an A-frame house are the large triangular roof and large windows. A perfect A-frame tiny house will be shaped like the capital “A, ” That’s the distinct feature that makes it appear right out of the pages of a fairy tale.

This home can be a two-story or three-story structure, with the ground floor offering the maximum space. They are most popular in wooded regions and mountain towns with a higher amount of snowfall.

While modern designers have updated the traditional look of the A-frame in many ways, the symmetrical roof with steep slopes on both sides remains the primary feature. In traditional designs, the long roofs can almost extend to the ground. 

By adding large windows and skylights, the A-frame design welcomes a lot of natural light. One necessary design feature is to make the windows face east and west for maximum light entry. 

With a high roof, the heat can rise fast and get collected in the upper portions of the house. So, keeping the floorboard warm in the winters can be a challenging task in such a house. A necessary arrangement of fans should be made for that purpose.

One downside of the A-frame is the loss of space on the upper floors. The tapering roof makes the upper floors smaller, and there’s always the risk of bumping your head on the sloping walls. 

Besides, designing the right stairs for an A-frame house can be tricky. Since the storage space inside such homes is less, they aren’t the best option for large families.

Even with its quirks, the A-frame tiny house looks awesome. If you own one, chances are you’ll find the passerby stopping to take a photo of your home.


What Makes an A-frame Tiny House Popular?

Fact is, a recent survey has indicated that 56% of Americans are willing to live in a tiny home. More than 86% have also mentioned that they will choose a tiny home as their first house.

In reality, the trend of downsizing living spaces and embracing minimalism is on the rise. The concept of owning less stuff to stay more focused on the other important aspects of life is steadily gaining momentum. And with personalities like Elon Musk embracing the concept of a tiny home, the idea has captured the fascination of millions.

So, even though A-frame tiny homes constitute around 1% of the total real estate transactions in the country, the hype around them is super high.

Here are some of the advantages of a tiny home that you might find interesting.

  • Designing and engineering an A-frame structure is simple and inexpensive. That makes such tiny homes an affordable option. In fact, some of these tiny houses are available in prefabricated kits that make them super easy to install.
  • The triangular design makes these houses strong and stable. That allows them to withstand strong winds and rough weather conditions without sustaining damage.
  • Since the steep walls and triangular roof ensures excellent snow management, they are the favorite choices as vacation cabins for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • One big advantage of tiny homes is the fact that they are eco-friendly. Since they are small, they need less material for construction. It also requires less energy to power and heats tiny homes. People living in such homes also consume less and are more environmentally conscious. And if you add solar panels to a tiny home, you can even live off-grid.

Final Thoughts

The origin of the A-frame tiny house can be traced back to the 19th century. The resurgence of the iconic concept proves that this age-old design is here to stay. 

If you are looking for a cozy home, a tiny house in a mystical forest can seem like your dream destination. Quite simply, it can be the perfect getaway cabin for a relaxing vacation.

Tiny Heirloom can help you in your journey, if we can’t build it, we can find you a builder. Let’s start creating together!


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