Our Tiny Home Contest is Over

Our contest to win a custom 28' Tiny House ended 12/4/21. We will announce our winner soon!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 12/4/21. Subject to official Rules available at www.shop.tinyheirloom.com. Open to legal residents of 50 US & DC (excl. residents of NY, FL, RI, AK & HI) 18+. Void where prohibited.

buying a tiny home on wheels

Buying a Tiny House on Wheels

If you’re looking to buy a tiny house, chances are you’re after a flexible, alternative and adventurous lifestyle. Why not take that flexibility to the next level and buy a mobile tiny house on wheels! Tiny homes on wheels are not only flexible in terms of location and mobility, they also offer much more financial flexibility and tend to be easier on your budget than traditional, stationary homes.


Buying a Tiny House on Wheels

With a tiny house on wheels, you can save a significant amount of money compared to a larger, permanently structured home. The median cost in the U.S. for a tiny house on wheels, fully equipped for full-time living and professionally built, is $59,884. Buying a tiny house on wheels typically means you just buy the home itself, not the land, which further cuts the cost compared to a full-sized home. Many people living in tiny homes across the world have managed to do so debt and mortgage-free. In fact, 89% of tiny house dwellers have less credit card debt than the average American, and 65% of tiny house owners have zero credit card debt!


Building Your Budget

Once you decide that tiny living is for you, you will need to carefully construct a budget. Of course, you will first need to consider the cost of the tiny home itself, plus any additions or customizations you may want to add to make it your own. The cost will vary depending on the size, amenities, materials used, furnishings, and whether or not the tiny home is new or pre-owned. Next, you’ll have to consider where to park your tiny home – will you purchase property, rent a space long-term, park it on a friend or family’s land, or bring it on the road with you? Finally,  you’ll want to consider the cost of running your new home. Fortunately, tiny homes are much more energy efficient due to their small size and can save you money on bills in the long-run. You can save even more money on utilities by installing solar panels, rainwater systems, composting toilets or other “green” features for your tiny home on wheels.


Tiny House Financing Options

Still overwhelmed by the cost? Some tiny home building companies, like Tiny Heirloom, offer in-house financing options to help make your dream a reality. We proudly offer in-house financing for our buyers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Loans are 20% down, for 15 years, and have great interest rates depending on your credit. We even have an option where you can trade in your car or RV towards your tiny home payment.


How to Buy a Tiny House

At Tiny Heirloom, we specialize in all kinds of tiny homes on wheels – from fully-customized, brand-new homes, to prefabricated homes or used homes – at a wide range of prices to fit your budget.

Are you ready to take the plunge and buy your tiny home on wheels? Start with a free consultation with one of the experts on our team and let us guide you through your options!