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Texas Tiny Homes


Texas Tiny Homes: Is Bigger Always Better? 

Texas is widely considered to be one of the top places in the United States for tiny home living. With warm and sunny weather, ample and affordable land for sale, and renowned  tiny-specific communities, it’s easy to understand the draw. Plus, as housing prices continue to rise and tiny home legislation improves across the state, switching to a more affordable and simple lifestyle is easier and more attractive than ever before. So what are you waiting for? 

If you’re ready to make the move, our experienced team of tiny home designers and builders are here to help make your Texas dream home a reality. Whether it be a custom-built, prefab, or preowned tiny home, we’ll help you find the perfect match for your needs, budget, and way of life. We have loved dreaming up tiny homes specifically for Texan living and can’t wait to bring your unique vision to life! 

How It Works

  • Schedule a Consultation
  • Customize Your Home
  • We Start Building

At Tiny Heirloom, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, nor do four pre-defined tiny home models – your dreams are more unique than that! That’s why we are happy to work with each and every client one-on-one to design the tiny living situation that’s perfectly suited to their needs and desires. We have in-house engineers and designers to make your custom tiny homes vision a reality, and the construction know-how to build anything. Options for tiny homes range from trailer type to architectural style all the way down to countertop material and trim color. Or, customize a corporate build for mobile experiential marketing, shipping container, food cart or mobile office – the options are endless!

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    • Where Can You Put a Tiny House in Texas? 

    In West Texas, a town called Spur became the first self-proclaimed ‘tiny’ house-friendly town in the U.S. Now, bigger cities in Texas like Austin are also embracing the tiny house movement, with tiny home communities and neighborhoods popping up all around the area. For more tiny house parking ideas, check out our helpful guide on “Where to Put a Tiny House (Legally).”

    • How Can I Find Texas Tiny Home Land? 

    Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S., so there are plenty of opportunities to purchase affordable and diverse land for your tiny home. Also, many rural areas have less strict zoning regulations that make it easier to park a tiny home. However, if you’re planning to use rainwater collection systems or solar panels with your tiny home, be sure to look into the county rules and regulations around alternative energy sources.

    • What Are the Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home?

    Though Texas is notorious for being “bigger and better,” there’s a lot to gain from living a smaller and more simple lifestyle. For one thing, you can enjoy more financial freedom by saving on the upfront cost of a home and cutting down on monthly utility bills. Also, you can take advantage of the warm weather and spend more time outdoors, doing what you love. For more inspiration, read our “10 Lifestyle Benefits of Living in a Tiny House Trailer.”

    • How Much Does a Tiny House Cost? 

    The cost of a tiny home depends on many factors such as the size, quality, materials used, level of customization, and more. Many professionally-built tiny homes fall in the $45,000-$100,000 price range. Compare this to the cost of regular-sized homes and the potential for savings is huge, especially when you can also save on the cost of monthly utilities and maintenance. In Texas, where housing prices continue to surge, tiny homes are more financially attractive than ever before. Read our article “How Much Does a Tiny House Cost?” to learn more. 

Signature Series

Our Signature Series of Tiny Homes are our best value tiny houses and trailers, while still giving you plenty of options in terms of size and features, and the impeccable workmanship Tiny Heirloom is known for.

The Signature Series includes:

Hands working on a hitch connecting a tiny home to the truck that's transporting it

Join the Texas Tiny Home Community Movement!

All in all, Texas is an ideal place to join in on the tiny living movement. There are many tiny home parking options—from vibrant tiny home-specific communities to rural land for off-grid living—plus a growing number of “tiny-friendly” cities as tiny home regulations improve. 

Texas Tiny Home Plans & Inspiration

If you’re dreaming up a perfect tiny home for Texas living, be sure to take advantage of the sunny, warm weather and incorporate hybrid indoor/outdoor living spaces into your tiny home. Features like rooftop decks, fold-down porches, or garage-style doors that open up a living room to the outdoors can really help make the most of limited square footage in a tiny home. With the money you can save on the cost of the tiny home itself, you can focus some special attention on your outdoor spaces with additions like firepits, outdoor showers, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, swimming pools, and the like. Going custom with your Texas tiny home allows you to make every detail personalized to the location of your home, your unique needs, and your personal style. 

Texas Tiny Homes For Sale

In addition to custom tiny homes, we also have a wide selection of pre-built/prefab and pre-owned tiny homes for sale. These types of tiny homes tend to be less expensive and more move-in ready than fully customized homes, but they never compromise on quality. Our Signature Series line brings the world-class craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetics of Tiny Heirloom to you more conveniently and affordably than building a custom tiny home from scratch. 

Contact us today to explore your options in more detail, and we’ll help make your Texas tiny home dreams come true! 

Markets We Serve

We build tiny homes for clients all across the state of Texas, including the following cities and more: 

  • Houston, TX
  • San Antonio, TX 
  • Dallas, TX
  • Austin, TX 
  • Fort Worth, TX 
  • El Paso, TX
  • Arlington, TX
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Plano, TX 
  • And many more!