seattle tiny homes

Seattle Tiny Homes: Ideas, Listings and Laws

The tiny house movement has been sweeping across the United States, reaching all corners of the nation. In Seattle, Washington, the tiny house trend has spiked in recent years, commonly viewed as an innovative and sustainable solution to the affordable housing crisis. If you're looking to...

tiny house stairs

Creative Ideas for Tiny House Stairs

It’s no secret that tiny houses are TINY and therefore require creative design elements to maximize on space. Incorporating staircases into your tiny home can be a challenge, because traditional stairs naturally take up lots of room. Therefore, many people think that they’ll have to...

pre-built tiny homes

Easy & Efficient Pre-Built Tiny Homes

With home prices rising faster than wages in 80% of the United States, more and more people are downsizing and looking to join the tiny house movement. Tiny homes are widely viewed as one innovative solution to this current housing crisis, and pre-built tiny homes...

florida tiny homes

Florida Tiny Homes: Bring Your Dreams to Life

Florida’s 230 days of sunshine, beaches, active lifestyle, buzzing social life, high-quality healthcare, arts, culture, and tax breaks for seniors attract many newcomers, particularly retirees. These benefits make downsizing or retiring in a tiny house in Florida an increasingly popular choice. In fact, Florida made...

texas tiny homes

Texas Tiny Homes: Ideas and Styles to Explore

Eternal sunshine, plenty of affordable and diverse land, communities of like-minded people, an indoor/outdoor lifestyle… these are just a few of the reasons why Texas is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for tiny home living.   Increasing Popularity of Texas Tiny Homes While the West...