buying a tiny home on wheels

Buying a Tiny House on Wheels

If you’re looking to buy a tiny house, chances are you’re after a flexible, alternative and adventurous lifestyle. Why not take that flexibility to the next level and buy a mobile tiny house on wheels! Tiny homes on wheels are not only flexible in terms...

incredible tiny homes

Our Five Favorite, Incredible Tiny Homes

Tiny house living leads to big ideas! With less square footage to design and build, and massive savings compared to regular-sized homes, each and every detail of your home can be carefully planned and curated. The recent rise in demand for custom tiny homes has...

tiny house vs mobile home

Comparing a Tiny House vs Mobile Home

The tiny house movement is on the rise: according to a 2018 survey by the National Home Builders Association, more than half of Americans would consider living in a tiny house of less than 600 square feet. Mobile homes, also known as “manufactured homes”, have...

buy a tiny house

Buy a Tiny House: How to Get Started

As with any drastic lifestyle change, purchasing and moving into a tiny home requires careful consideration and practical, emotional and financial planning. This article will help get you started, so that you can make the move smoothly and with confidence!   How to Buy a Tiny House There...

mobile tiny home

Embracing the Mobile Tiny Home Life

The thing about living in a mobile tiny home is the lifestyle. That is, it’s the thing that attracts some folks and repels others. We all appreciate our freedom of movement; we all like being flexible; we all feel better after a good decluttering of...

minimalist house

Going Tiny for Your Minimalist House

The good news about consumerism is that more and more of us are noticing it. How long ago did you hear someone--maybe yourself?--say something about “our consumerist society”? Chances are it hasn’t been long and whoever brought it up did so disdainfully. Minimalism is a conscious,...