how to build a tiny home

How to Build a Tiny House

Like finding a life partner or becoming a billionaire, building your own house can seem downright impossible. But not to worry; unlike love and money, lumber almost always stays where you put it. In fact, the scientific laws governing carpentry are so reliable that as...

tiny home shed

Creating the Perfect Tiny Home Shed

One of the great things about a tiny house is that since there’s so much less to build, other small structures can be converted into tiny houses relatively cheaply and quickly. Sheds are one of the most popular structures to tiny-housify. There can be some problems...

prefab home kits

Prefab Home Kits: Building Your Own Tiny Paradise

Generally speaking, a prefab tiny home kit is a package of house parts that have been built off-site. In the traditional home-building industry, these parts are usually assembled on-site by the builder. For reference, think Tiny Heirloom’s signature series. The alternative is building everything on-site,...